Luc Noël passes on his passion for gardening and offers practical advice for cultivating, improving and decorating gardens. Floral compositions, visits to private gardens, the rhythm of the seasons and the various topics of this programme are enjoyable and useful to all.

Presented by: Luc Noël.
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Mon 18/1108:30
Episode 9/50
The cemetery and arboretum in Nantes The park-cemetery in Nantes is worth a visit on All Saints Day, with the red, gold and green foliage or the collections of holly, oak, maple and viburnum. On this English-style estate, six thousand species, varieties and cultivars form a huge arboretum. Presented by: Luc Noël.
Mon 25/1108:29
Episode 10/50
Maryse's garden: roses and perennials, the perfect marriage Every year the size of her lawn gets smaller! Beneath her ornamental shrubs, Maryse has already planted 150 rose bushes associated with plenty of herbaceous perennials, with a preference for delphiniums. An enthusiastic gardener, she loves sharing her passion with her granddaughters. Presented by: Luc Noël.
Mon 02/1208:30, Mon 09/1208:30



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