In addition to houses, apartments and lofts of all styles and all budgets Cedric Wautier and Virginie Jacobs visit for us, this habitat show provides legal advice, best practices, new techniques as well as energy saving and aesthetic advices.

This year the show includes a new and original DIY sequence. 
Humor, tips and ideas will be waiting for you! Note that in 2013 the program will face a huge challenge: to restore an entire house, "its" house!

Next airing time:
Tue 28/0108:30, Wed 29/0103:02
Episode 14/40
Programme summary: - Remodelling and contemporary renovation of an old manor house - Weekend: Sweets Hotel in Amsterdam - Expertise: Pierre Papier Ciseaux, interior design and decoration - Material: stone, the great illusionist! - How to do it: insulating a wall from inside Presented by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.
Tue 04/0208:30, Wed 05/0203:04
Episode 15/40
In addition to the houses, apartments and lofts of various styles and prices which Cédric Wautier shows us through his many visits, this programme about homes offers legal, practical, technical, energy and aesthetic advice, without forgetting the part about the all-important DIY "tricks". Hosted by: Cédric Wautier, Virginie Jacobs.
Tue 11/0208:31, Wed 12/0203:06
Episode 16/40



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