A question of credibility: the manager of a press group is accused of rape by his press officer. His attractive victim is very convincing, unlike the accused. Awkward and clumsy, defending him proves complicated. The case appears lost from the very outset but Barbara is wary of appearances and focuses on his accuser´s personality...

Directed by: Didier Le Pêcheur (France, 2014)

Screenplay: Céline Guyot, Martin Guyot

Cast: Josiane Balasko (Barbara Malo), Olivier Claverie (Bertrand Deslandes), Joseph Malerba (Olivier Landry), Cécile Rebboah (Camille), Dominique Guillo (Pierre Consigny), Carole Brana (Carole Valloux), Nicolas Gob (Philippe Sambin), Scali Delpeyrat (l´avocat général)

Genre: thriller
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