The body of a shady businessman is found on the jetty in the port of Toga, in Bastia. The investigation, Commander Gabrielle Monti's first since returning to the country, begins on a tightrope between the past and the present.

Directed by: Stéphanie Murat (France, 2017)

Screenplay: Elena Piacentini, Catherine Touzet

Cast: Amira Casar (Gabrielle Monti), Richard Bohringer (Xavier Monti), Philippe Corticchiato (Jo Cardi), Yoni Nahum (Ange), Jean-Emmanuel Pagni (Daniel Aubert), Florence Thomassin (Claire Siabelli), Alain Fromager (Jean-Marie Bolzi), Alysson Paradis (Livia Santucci), Véronique Volta (Marie Lambert)

Genre : policier
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