The show combines information on both local and faraway destinations. Each programme is focused on a particular location which has been chosen for its architectural beauty or natural wonders. The show presents the story of a country, a civilisation, a period in time or of significant historical figures.
Presented by: Carole Gaessler.
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Mon 30/0916:20, Wed 02/1020:00
Episode 3/7
A winter in Alsace Alsace lights up for Christmas... After climbing to the top of Strasbourg Cathedral and re-hanging its immense tapestries, it's the final stage in renovating the stained-glass windows. In the Carré d'Or, as elsewhere, the Christmas markets open, and, before tracking the enigmatic lynx, we explore the castles of the Bas-Rhin. Directed by: Emmanuel Roblin (France, 2018)





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