France has the world's third-largest diplomatic network after the USA and China. What are these embassies and consulates used for? Where are they located? What’s daily life like for the thousands of French diplomats around the world?

Directed by: Julien Bur (season 2, France, 2017)
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Wed 20/1112:02, Wed 27/1100:02
Episode 1/5
In Mongolia Almost totally desert, Mongolia is a country in Central Asia. With just 3 million inhabitants, this former Russian colony is one of the world's least populous nations. We meet ambassador Élisabeth Barsacq and her spouse in the capital Ulaanbaatar. Directed by: Julien Bur (season 2, France, 2017)
Wed 27/1112:02, Wed 04/1200:00
Episode 2/5
In Brazil With more than 200 million inhabitants for a surface area of 9 million Km2, Brazil is South America's largest country. France has an embassy there and three consulates. We meet Brieuc Pont, the French consul in Sao Paulo, and the manageress of L'Alliance Française in Belém. Directed by: Julien Bur (season 2, France, 2017)
Wed 04/1212:02
Episode 3/5
In Chile Chile: a thin strip of land 4,300 km long stretching from the Atacama desert to South America's southern tip. With just 16 million inhabitants, it's the most highly developed country in South America. In the Chilean capital Santiago, we meet French ambassador Caroline Dumas. Directed by: Julien Bur (season 2, France, 2017)



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