We're off to discover somewhere special and the people who live there. Whether inhabitants, historians, architects, museum curators, and business people, famous or unknown, we share their passion for their region!

Presented by: Vincent Chatelain.

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Thu 02/0503:04
Episode 8/31
Normandy's talented female entrepreneurs Normandy ranks among the French regions with the most female entrepreneurs. We meet three women who keep Norman skills alive and export them worldwide. Presented by: Vincent Chatelain.
Thu 09/0503:06
Episode 9/31
In the wheel tracks of Jacques Anquetil 30 years after the death of Jacques Anquetil, who still holds the most impressive record of French cycling, Vincent Chatelain tells the story of this great champion from Normandy with input from his friends and family. It is also the chance to meet some of the region's other keen cyclists. Presented by: Vincent Chatelain.
Thu 16/0503:09
Episode 10/31
Behind the scenes of Mont-Saint-Michel At the heart of a huge bay, regularly invaded by the strongest tides in Europe, stands one of the "wonders of the Western world": Mont-Saint-Michel. From the sinking sands around it and the impenetrable apartments of the abbot Robert de Torigni, we look behind the scenes of this breathtaking site. Presented by: Vincent Chatelain.



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