Antoine Auriol and Arthur de Kersauson criss-cross the world with a mission: to meet the winds. To find them, they explore vast regions, observing the way winds influence nature and people. 

Directed by: Christoph Schwaiger (season 4, France, 2017)
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Fri 20/0900:08
Episode 6/8
The aracati In north-eastern Brazil blows a wind with all the characteristics of the local population: gentle, swaying and exhilarating. The aracati blows inland along the Jaguaribe River from the town of Aracati. It may bring a reassuring drop in temperature, but it also shifts sand dunes. We discover more about it. Directed by: Carole Lambert (season 4, France, 2017)
Fri 20/0911:58
Episode 7/8
The Tramontane Occitanie, a French region home to the Pyrenees and the Massif Central, is regularly swept by a strong, dry, cold wind: the Tramontane. Antoine Auriol heads off to discover it, from the weather centre in Toulouse to the Mondial du Vent in Leucate via its birthplace, the Seuil de Naurouze. Directed by: Xavier Blanot (season 4, France, 2017)
Sat 21/0914:57, Mon 23/0922:37, Fri 27/0912:01
Episode 8/8
The Monsoon The Monsoon, a word that evokes both a season and a wind, is in fact the name of the wind that brings the famous torrential rains to the whole of southern Asian. We head to Sri Lanka to experience it first hand. Directed by: Christoph Schwaiger (season 4, France, 2017)



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