Two young Polynesians want to solve the mystery of their origins and understand how their ancestors conquered the Pacific.

Directed by: Guillaume Lévis (France, 2017)

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SAT 11/1        3:01 pm - Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)
                    4:01 pm - Tokyo Time (GMT+9)

FRI 17/1         12:04 pm - Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)
                    1:04 pm - Tokyo Time (GMT+9)

SAT 18/1         3:00 pm - Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)
                     4:00 pm - Tokyo Time (GMT+9)


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Fri 31/0100:02
Episode 2/2
Polynesia, in the wake of the ancestors An interwoven cameo of two young Polynesians seeking to better understand their ancestors, but for different reasons. Kyle Chung is a sixth-form student born in Papeete to a Chinese family. Teiva Noarii comes from a traditional fishing family in Moorea and dances with the Tahiti Ora Ballet company. An encounter. Directed by: Guillaume Lévis (France, 2017)



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