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Romain celebrates his first star and sparkles at the head of Paris. The chef, he has abandoned the cuisine and spends his nights in a strange secret gambling den. Mr. Édouard, the formidable owner from Paris, comes back with the intention to take in hands Romain’s destiny…

Directed by: Arnaud Malherbe (season 2, France, 2016)

Screenplay: Marion Festraëts

Cast: Clovis Cornillac (le Chef), Hugo Becker (Romain), Nicolas Gob (Yann), Anne Charrier (Delphine), Joyce Bibring (Charlène), Robin Renucci (Monsieur Édouard), Zinedine Soualem (Karim), Sara Mortensen (Cindy), Ludmila Mikaël (Anne-Marie), Leslie Medina (Clara), Julien Boisselier (Philippe Gauthier), Bruno Lochet (Gérard), Philippe Nahon (Marcel), Anthony Pho (Woo), M'Barek Belkouk (Aziz)

Genre: comedy drama

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