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A television adaptation of Agatha Christie’s greatest classics. Set in the 1950s, against a backdrop of glamour and the empowerment of women, the investigations portray Superintendent Swan Laurence and the (overly) curious and intrepid journalist, Alice Avril.
Directed by: Eric Woreth, Marc Angelo, various
Screenplay: Sylvie Simon, Anne Giafferi, Murielle Magellan, based on Agatha Christie's novels
Cast:  Antoine Duléry (Larosière), Marius Colucci (Lampion), Valérie Sibilia (Pandora), Juliand Lemmonier (Valentine), Nicolas Abraham (Raymond), Stéphan Wojtowicz (Deville), Bruno Slagmulder (Théodore Deschanel), Vernon Dobtcheff (Anatole Deschanel)
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Episode 1/1
Drama in three acts Alice is taking acting lessons with a new teacher, the spitting image of Swan Laurence. When an actor dies by poisoning during a lesson, Chief Inspector Laurence takes an immediate dislike to his double, considering him the prime suspect. And Marlène? She falls in love and dreams of... marrying him! Directed by: Nicolas Picard-Dreyfuss (season 2, France, 2017) Screenplay: Sylvie Simon, based on Agatha Christie Cast: Samuel Labarthe (Swan Laurence/Herbert Michel), Blandine Bellavoir (Alice Avril), Élodie Frenck (Marlène), Dominique Reymond (Macha Séménoff), Nicolas Marié (Richard Nobel), Cyril Guei (Timothée Glissant), Dominique Thomas (Ernest Tricard) Genre: detective





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